新潟市出身。桐朋女子高等学校音楽科、桐朋学園大学卒業、同大学研究科修了。2008年第6回東京音楽コンクール第2位および聴衆賞受賞。2011年に行われた同コンクール・入賞者ガラコンサートでの演奏がNHKラジオ深夜便で放送され好評を博す。米アスペン音楽祭にいしかわミュージックアカデミーより奨学金を得て参加。 弦楽四重奏のマスタークラスではウィーンフィルの名コンサートマスター、ワルター・バリリ氏に絶賛された。在学中から様々な演奏会・音楽祭に出演し、豊かな経験を積む。ウィーンフィルの首席メンバーと室内楽を共演し多大な信頼を得るなど、アンサンブルでの定評がある音楽家。 ヴァイオリンを小林すぎ野、鷲尾悠子、原田幸一郎、加藤知子の各氏に、室内楽を店村眞積、山崎伸子、ゴールドベルク山根美代子の各氏に師事。紀尾井シンフォニエッタ東京メンバー、ソロ・室内楽奏者として幅広く活躍中。フィラデルフィア在住。 Japanese violinist/violist Shizuka Inoue was the second prize and the audience award winner of the 8th Tokyo Music Competition in 2008. A graduate of the Toho Gakuen School of Music in Tokyo, she had established her career in Tokyo, Japan, as soloist and chamber musician as well as orchestra musician and recording artist. Recently, she has relocated to Philadelphia, expanding her performing arena on the East Coast. Among other influential teachers, she was under the tutelage of Koichiro Harada and studied chamber music with Sadao Harada, both the original members of the Tokyo String Quartet. Working closely with conductor Seiji Ozawa, she has performed frequently with the Saito Kinen Orchestra and Mito Chamber Orchestra, and has also appeared in numerous festivals in Japan and the US, including the Aspen Music Festival, the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, and La folle journée de Niigata. As a chamber musician, she has collaborated with principal musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic in Volkhard Steude (concertmaster) and Ernst Ottensamer (principal clarinetist). Ms. Inoue is a regular member of the Kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo, and lately she has been enjoying collaborations with Hidemi Suzuki, period cellist and conductor, performing chamber music with him and joining in his period instrument ensemble Orchestra Libera Classica which specializes in the late 18th-century repertoire.

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